Illinois Lottery adds two Lotto drawings, but price to play

How to win a lottery? – Lottery numbers prediction

The price to play the Illinois Lottery’s Lotto game has doubled to $2 for every six-number lottery line picked by players as part of what lottery officials are calling “game enhancements.”

The price increase, which took affect April 1, also brings rules changes to the lottery system. Lottery players will still select six numbers per lottery line at the new $2-per-line price, but the range of numbers players can choose from will go down to 1-50 instead of 1-52.

The smaller range improves the odds of winning a prize.

The Illinois Lottery said in a statement the price increase was made to “support the improved player experience.”

After each lottery drawing, every ticket will now be added to two new drawings, each with a prize of $1 million. Drawings will still be held every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

The Lottery jackpot will still start at $2 million and will increase every week a jackpot is not won. To win the jackpot, players are still required to match all six of the numbers chosen for their line to the winning numbers drawn.

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