Springfield, Mo. man wins $1 million lottery prize, calls it

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A Springfield, Mo. couple calls their $1 million Missouri Lottery winning “divine intervention.”

Quinton Forester and his wife Rosemary won the $1 million prize on a scratchers ticket. The Foresters purchased the winning ticket on Saturday at the Price Cutter at Commercial and Grant.

The couple once homeless, work at the Veterans Coming Home Center in Springfield.  Forester says despite their good fortune, they’ll continue to help out those in need.

“The day we won the ticket, and it was wild you know, I can’t forget this we had received our stimulus and I handed out $10 and $5 bills to different homeless individuals that equaled up to about $250, and then we won this ticket that evening,” said Quinton Forester.

The Foresters will receive more than $500,000 after they pay the taxes and fees.

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