USD/CAD Forex Swing Trading Idea


In this live forex swing trading idea we cover the entry,exit reasons and management for USD/CAD forex swing trading idea and the importance of patience when trading. On this forex pair we looked to sell the USD against the CAD as we saw the price action is clearly pointing out there is major downtrend trend direction. If price action is saying we have clear forex trend, we want to look for possible price action pattern after price bounce from major forex resistance zones. If price action looks nice we want to look for clear forex swing trade, day trade or scalping opportunites, depends on your trading style and trading stratetegy, plan.

This live forex swing trading video covers the trading mindset, patience and trading management for our swing forex trade after price bounced from resistance and showed us bearish forex price action momentum. Risk management and trading psychologys are major keys to stay consistently profitable forex trader. Check this live forex swing trade and management video to improve your trading process.s.

When you will learn this forex trading strategy, technique you will be able to find forex swing trades (or day trades) consistently on week to week basis. In this live forex swing trade video you will also learn very important tips on your trading psychology and mindset for your long-term forex trading success.

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